The continuation of the fake of the important cause of the incident HTMS Sukhothai Pang in the past 3 days. Now I"m settled in the area of the Sathap Naval Base Headquarters and this front here is on my left hand side. Isn"t it? It"s a coordinating assistance center for victims in the area of Sathap*bon District and also linked to Bang Saphan District. At this point, this is the club of the Sathap Naval Base, the Prime Minister"s body. will come to visit the relatives of the troops who come to wait and monitor the situation here this evening before going to the Royal Thai Navy crematorium because after moving the bodies of 6 troops in the Coming from the area of ​​Bang Saphan Prachuap Khiri Khan and remembering to go to the cremation ceremony at the Sattahip Naval Base and now the big breasts today that are mysterious according to the important thing is that we do not delve too deeply. Yes, it"s clear that there are 2 important causes that caused the loss in the events of Luang Sukhothai, the first story by the commander-in-chief. Accepted, it"s about lifeboats, at least 30 of them are not enough together with 2 sleeping units, and it"s fine to get on the boat to go to the second boat, which is yesterday, the staff admitted that there were brothers who were part of the army. The one that he went up without being able to swim, these are 2 factors that together cause the loss are part of the whole cause, while at the same time there is more depth behind the real cause than that. I would like you to listen to the information here first.

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